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    Restaurant Website Design

    Restaurant website design can be a daunting task, especially when looking for inspiration towards your unique brand.  We’ve put together what we think are some of the best restaurant websites made in NYC – used around the world. Clean, unique and crafted to drive direct online ordering business  – Take a gander at some of our latest projects below.

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  • reamCo Design is a restaurant web design company that designs, develops, and markets websites for restaurants.

    Since our team develops each and every website and marketing plan on a case by case basis, the pricing varies from client to client.

    Our restaurant web design solutions typically range from just under $1,000.00 to about $5,500.00. With that said, it could be more or anywhere in between. It just depends. The larger and more involved the project is, the larger the investment may be. For example, a beautiful looking informational website to just represent a restuarant well is far less than one with an online ordering system.

    The biggest thing to remember is that your website is an investment.

    Like any investment, the website should pay for itself over time. It can do this by better representing you online, increasing the amount of call-in orders as well as walk-in guests, and so on. In the end, the whole reason most restaurants get a website is to make sure they can service customers looking for them online.

    Our team is here to help make sure you get the very most out of your website and marketing plan no matter what your budget may be.

    DreamCo Design also offers finance options which allow you to break payments up over 3, 6, or 12 months. For example, if the website ended up being $2,500.00 it would result in payments about $230.00 per month for a year. This is the perfect solution for a new restaurant or one on a budget that still needs something professional but cannot afford the larger down-payment. Forget the do-it-yourself solutions as well as those one-size-fits-all cheap restaurant sites. With DreamCo Design you can get the professional restaurant website your business needs without sacraficing anything or worrying about budget.

    To get a quote on your project just give us a call or send us an email. Our team will work with you to figure out everything and we will gladly put together a proposal which will outline everything. Thank you for considering our team. We look forward to working with you.

  • reamCo Design is a professional restaurant web design company that designs, develops, and markets websites for the restaurant industry.

    Our restaurant web design solutions help restaurants increase business, stay organized, answer questions, and put out an ultra professional image that helps drive traffic in the door. We’ve been relied upon by major food chains, small mom-and-pop restaurants, and others in the food industry all across America.

    Our restaurant web design solutions are crafted specifically for each and every eatery we work with, as no two restaurants are the same. Whether you have an existing website that needs an overhaul or are just getting started in the restaurant industry and need to get online, DreamCo Design can help.

    Our professional restaurant website design services often involve marketing as well. Our team can help make sure your website dominates the local search results when people are seeking out your type of restaurant and we can also help you on the PR end of things by bolstering your recognition with social media marketing.

    Most of the restaurant web design projects we take on involve setting up high quality looking websites that feature information about the restaurant, menus, photo galleries, contact information, reviews, as well as social media tools. In other situations we even incorporate things like online ordering systems which we can develop, or integrate, should you already have a service in place.

    At the end of the day our restaurant web design company knows what it takes to develop a website that looks great, functions well, and is poised for traffic.

  • eveloping a professional restaurant web design solution is an involved process. A website is not just a website, it is an investment in your business. Unfortunately, many restaurant owners find it acceptable to just throw a few hundred dollars into a website and expect it to help do something for them. If you are serious about being successful then you likely understand that it takes a bit more interaction to do something right. Good things take time and DreamCo Design knows how to develop professional restaurant website design solutions that lead to results.

    With DreamCo Design, no two solutions are alike. While most restaurants want the basics such as showcasing menus, location details, and general food info, other restaurants need things like print ready coupons, online ordering systems, detailed menu information, and more. DreamCo Design will work with you to determine your likes, dislikes, and website goals so that we can craft a plan designed specifically for you. Whether the end solution is simple or is rather involved, our team will be here to help you out every step of the way.

    We’ve helped high end restaurants make the most of themselves with elegant looks and amazing food pictures. We’ve also helped big regional food chains as well as mom-and-pop restaurants just looking to get online the right way. With DreamCo Design there is no project too small or large. We are here to partner up with your restaurant or food business to help you get the very most out of your online presence.

    DreamCo Design makes the process easy as well. We start by talking through your existing site, if any, as well as your online goals. We then provide feedback, suggestions, and craft a proposal which will spell out all of the pages, functionality, and design needs the new site will have. Once signed off on our team will gather necessary requirement, design and develop the website, go through any revisions with you, optimize it, then launch it live.

    Once the new website is up we will also be here to help you out with marketing it. We can put together powerful marketing campaigns that help you get more traction online which often leads to more customers in the door. We should also cite that search engine optimization for restaurants is part of every restaurant web design solution we put together. This allows you to show up high in the search engines when someone does a lookup by name, restaurant type, or area.

    There is no better team that you can work with on your restaurant web design project than DreamCo Design. To speak with one of our web development consultants you can call or email us today. Thank you for

    Restaurant Web Design | Tips

    Thinking about having a new website made for your restaurant or food business? Below are some tips from our restaurant web design company. Want some more tips? Ready to get started on your project? Just give us a call or send us an email today.

    1. Make Sure your Menus are Up to Date and are Download Ready
    Almost every restaurant website has menus. That is an obvious. Unfortunately, the menus are sometimes old, outdated, or feature branding that does not match that of the menus a customer would get should they dine in at your location. Make sure the menus you put up are accurate and appear the same. PDF menus that can be downloaded and printed serve restaurants wonderfully.

    2. Use Professional Photos Whenever Possible
    If you are trying to attract people in the doors the food needs to look delicious. Low quality photos taken with cell phone cameras and bad lighting just won’t cut it. Even though our team is here to assist with high quality photo editing, it can only end up looking so good. We always suggest that you take the time to handle pictures the right way or even bring in a professional photographer to snap photos of not only some of the food dishes but of your restaurant’s location in general. Your website will only look as good as your content so remember to put some time into the images which will be on it.

    3. Treat the Website Like an Investment
    Forget about those do-it-yourself tools and the one-size-fits-all restaurant site solutions offered by some. If you are serious about being successful online than you need a professional solution. It may cost a bit more but remember the website is not an expense, it is an investment. If handled correctly your new website will better service existing customers and help bring new ones in the door.

    4. Be Mobile Friendly
    Our restaurant web design solutions almost always involve either a mobile website or a responsive design that allows the website to look great on a smartphone or tablet. More and more people search for restaurants from their phone. Having your site set up so that someone can just click the phone number to call you or press a button to quickly view a menu makes their experience all that much better. Be sure your website is built in a way that serves these customers too.

    5. Understand the Basics about Search Engine Optimization
    Your website should have some content on it that states who you are, where you are, and what you offer. For example, “NY Strips is a New York City steakhouse that offers amazing tasting strip steaks and more”. Not having content that actually cites what you do can make it a lot harder for you to show up well in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing when people do searches. Our team helps make sure you are set up correctly and every restaurant web design solution we put together involves some level of SEO.

    6. Go Beyond your Website’s Domain Name
    While all of the marketing you do may be based around getting the visitor to your website, make sure you spend the time to have your other outlets well handled as well. Yelp, Facebook, and other food review websites with social abilities are often times used for people to make decisions about whether or not to go somewhere. You need to have high quality profiles with accurate information.

    7. Be Careful about the Big Name Coupon Websites
    Groupon.com, Restaurant.com, LivingSocial.com and others are all great ideas if you are trying to get your restaurant some exposure however you need to go in with the right expectations. Often times these websites charge fees (your earnings) which result in little to no end profit by the time the customer is done eating. What’s more is that people often become coupon trained and only go to your location because of the offer. These types of marketing choices are great for new locations looking to do a one-time push however they may not be the best solution for any type of ongoing marketing effort. Just understand the process and make a sound decision.